Common Problems of Hot Tubs

It would be great to take a soak in your hot tub, especially when you are currently experiencing cooler weather. However, it could be a hassle for those hot tub owners once they realize that there is an unforeseen problem going on. If your hot tub is currently not working properly then check these items out. You might see the reasons why your hot tub works that way. The list below contains some of the common problems that might happen in your hot tub and some ways and tips on how to fix them. 

Heater failure 

Once the water in your spa is not as warm as it supposed to be, it might be a sign of heater failures. Usually, heater failure occurs because of the heating element’s corrosion, which is frequently caused by a problem of water balance. Low pH levels over time would lead to the damaging if the heating element and there’s also a possibility that it might trip the GCFI or the ground fault circuit interrupter breaker. Also, you need to check for damage to the thermostat and filter as well.  


Air lock 

An air lock happens the moment your hot tub is drained, cleaned, and refilled with water. Because of this, air could be trapped inside the hot tub while it is empty. You will immediately observe an air lock once you turn on the jets and notice that there’s no water flowing through them.  

For you to remove the air lock, you need to completely open all of the jets. Then, allows them to run at the maximum level for at least 10 to 15 seconds and repeat the process as needed until you can see the bubbling air coming from the jets. Afterward, let them run for some time until the air has been completely released.  


Clogged Filter 

Once the water flow is bad and the jets do not appear to be properly working as it is supposed to be, there is a chance that your tub has a clogged filter. Once your filter turns out to be full of residue and dirt, water can’t flow through it. This would lead to the shutting down of your spa. You can do some preventative maintenance through cleaning your filters regularly. This is really essential so that your hot tub will properly work. Also, it is important to keep in mind that if a filter becomes dirty, it will eliminate water contaminants, which could result in the hot tub pump being damaged.  

If ever you are currently experiencing any of the common hot tub problems stated above and you want to fix the issue as soon as possible, be reminded that it’s best to do safety first. If you are unsure about how to fix the issue, then always consider contacting an expert before you try troubleshooting it yourself. Never think twice in reaching out to them for any hot tub repair Massachusetts. They would gladly help you out with any concerns that you have in mind.  

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